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Les années Cassandre – Antiques

Avenue de la Résistance,
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Address: Avenue de la Résistance
Zip: 84390
Tel: +33 (0)4 90 64 11 66 or 06 10 08 89 90

“Les Années Cassandre”: why this strange name for an antiques shop? There are various reasons, some personal, others professional.

Adolphe Mouron Cassandre was indisputably the greatest graphic artist designing posters in France in the 1930s, along with Charles Loupot and Paul Colin. Remember his posters of the legendary train the Nord Express (Northern Express) and of the ocean-liner Normandie, whose beauty shone out from the walls of tourist agencies of the period.

The 1930s were years of cultural liberty; but also of troubles before the huge and deadly wave of violence about to break over an already divided France. For the antiques sector, this period was also a turning-point: there was a “before” and an “after” the 1930s. In the post-war period came the style of the 1950s when the graphic style of posters, and of design in general, changed completely.

Today, Les Années Cassandre celebrates this past, and the nostalgia for the time before the disaster of WW2 struck. But it also remembers the years that followed. It pays tribute to this whole period through its collection of posters, photographs, post-cards, comic-strips, glassware, prints, books, pictures, blotters, and various ornaments.

Come and explore this world – even if it is just to look around, ask for information, or exchange ideas about culture and its components. In a place far removed from soul-less machines, rediscover a slice of the past, without losing touch with the present.

Les Années Cassandre is open from March to December.

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