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AOP Ventoux wines and Muscat grape

Vigne, Ventoux

A wine producing region for more than 2000 years…

Existing since very ancient times, the wine production has a long tradition in this region. The wines reached the AOC status on 27th July 1973. Today Côtes du Ventoux are produced in 51 communes by 16 cooperative cellars and 101 private cellars.

They are welcoming you in their wine tasting cellars to make you appreciate their wines.

“Muscat du Ventoux” are sweet, black table-grapes, protected by an A.O.C.*, which are grown in a micro-region between Mont Ventoux and Avignon.
This rich land lies at an altitude of over 200m and benefits from an exceptional amount of sunshine during the period when the fruit become ripe, between August and October.
At harvest-time, the bunches of grapes are cut off the vines by hand. Any imperfect fruit are removed with scissors. They are then very carefully laid out in wooden trays marked with the “A.O.C. Muscat de Ventoux” label.

To recognise Muscat grapes, look out for fine bunches of well-formed same-sized grapes covered with their “bloom” (a slight greyish, powdery deposit on the skin). Once they are in your hands, enjoy eating them without moderation!

*Appellation d’Origine Controlée (A.O.C.) is a strict official certification that the produce concerned comes from a specific geographical area.

Raisin noir
Fête du raisin muscat

Cellars, vineyards welcome you in their properties. Informations, exchanges, wine-growers  share their passion for with you.

About events, Muscat grape is honoured each third Sunday of September in Villes-sur-Auzon and Mormoiron celebrates the beginning of the grape harvest each first Sunday of September.