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Mont Ventoux meat

Cochon, viande, porc

Mont Ventoux pork comes from animals raised in semi-liberty on the Plateau of Sault, at an altitude of between 800 and 1000 metres.

Fed exclusively on a diet of cereals and vegetables, and living in an unspoiled natural environment, they produce meat of exceptional flavour.

The climate and local know-how have made its pork-meat products famous for a century.

Lamb raised around Sault comes from the breed named Southern Prealps which local breeders have for several generations chosen to continue producing according to the ancient traditions. This lamb has one of the best pedigrees of all French breeds raised on French soil.

Fed on the mother’s milk, rich in nutrients and in various flavours (thyme, savory and creeping thyme) then once weaned, on a careful mixture of farm-produced cereals (barley, oats and hybrid wheat), it is sought after by informed consumers who savour the fine texture of the meat and its incomparable natural flavours.

Mouton, troupeau
foire aux agnelles

You can find these specialities in Sault butcher’s shop and on Ventoux sud restaurant menus.

About event, St Christol celebrates the sheep breeding each year on the first Sunday of August during the traditional “female lambs and rams of the southern Pre-Alps “ fair.