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Spelt from Haute Provence


Triticum monococcum, whose first traces of cultivation date back to 9000 BC, is the true ancestor of the modern cereals.

Eaten in abundance until the Roman era, « the engrain » (the common name for this kind of spelt) was rediscovered by the general public only about thirty years ago.

Today this « Gallic wheat » is cultivated on the plateau of Sault and is harvested in August. The delicate stage of hulling is part of processing the grain.

Its colour and flavour are unique and it can be prepared in multiple ways, salty as well as sweet. Until today not less than 187 recipes have been listed. Spelt soup is a culinary tradition of the county of Sault.

In addition to its wonderful taste, remarkable nutritious qualities are acknowledged and recommended by renowned professors in medicine.

Petit épeautre
Fête médiévale, petit épeautre, Monieux

Majority of local producers grow this speciality. You may find it directly on their farms and on the shops.

Restaurants also suggest spelt on their menus. Do not hesitate to taste it !

Then, spelt from Haute Provence is celebrated each first Sunday of September in Monieux